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Parish Development Ministry


The mission of the Parish Development Ministry is to help parishes to become healthy, hopeful, vibrant Orthodox communities that grow in their commitment to living a life in Christ, share the Gospel with all in their own locale and are prepared to do the work of Christ in the world.

To fulfill this mission this ministry seeks to:

Stimulate dialogue about life in good Orthodox Christian parishes in America

Connect parishes to establish supportive relationships, share strengths, good ideas, practices and resources and offer mutual encouragement.

Build assessment, planning and administrative tools to address common parish needs.

Parish Development Services

The Parish Development Ministry offers tools, encouragement, information, and assistance in various forms.


Individual parishes can schedule workshops and discussion forums on parish development topics such as: parish health and renewal, discovering shared values, parish leadership, revamping parish councils, stewardship, and evangelization.


Webinars are online sessions in which speakers present training material via the internet. They will be scheduled from time to time for general audiences as well as for individual parishes.


Parish development conferences bring together leaders from many parishes to discuss common issues and obstacles. They are scheduled regularly and include our popular Small Parish Forum, which is held annually. 


An electronic newsletter called the Parish Pulse will be e-mailed to subscribed parish leaders several times per year.  Click to subscribe or access our archives for previous issues.


Articles are available on a variety of parish development topics. More will be added based upon need.

Tools and Templates

Handbooks and templates for dealing with various parish development concerns will be shared among parishes via this website.

Consulting and Coaching

Individualized assistance is available to clergy and lay leaders on as needed basis via telephone, email, collaborative web-based sessions, and Skype. Contact us for more information or to request consultations!

Parish Development Resources

Tools, slides, templates, guidebooks, and articles on topics of importance to building healthy, hopeful Orthodox Christian parishes in America:

Evangelization - Preparing your parish to spread the Gospel and to cultivate a welcoming environment.

Communications - Presenting your parish to others through websites, social media, photos, and press releases; improving parish internal communication through bulletins, newsletters, and email lists.

Stewardship: Time, Talent, and Treasure - How and why to build a community of generous and dedicated people.

Christian Formation & Education - Youth educational and social organizations; adult education; lay catechists.

Vision, Mission, and Values - Establishing & expressing gospel-centered vision, mission, and values for the future of your parish.

Leadership & Parish Council - Developing an effective parish council; organizing new parish ministries; leading the way

Parish Financial Practices - Conducting audits, implementing healthy financial practices, and vision-oriented budgeting

Parish Renewal and Revitalization - Qualities of healthy Orthodox parishes, including the Parish Health Inventory; action items for change; how to become a vibrant Orthodox Christian parish.