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Archdiocesan Council Meeting-May 26th 2015

Diocese of Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania

Archdiocesan Council Meeting

May 26, 2015


            A meeting of the Archdiocesan Council took place at the Archdiocesan Center (Cranberry Twp., PA) on May 26, 2015.  Archbishop Melchisedek called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.


            The following were present:  Archbishop Melchisedek, Chancellor Archpriest William Evansky; Archpriests: Michael Senyo, Secretary; Joseph Wargo, Igumen Patrick (Carpenter); Priest: Nikolai Breckenridge, Deacons: Alexander Cadman, Seraphim Truckley.  From the laity:  Gregg Nescott, Justin Nescott, Rebecca Danchenko, Gregory Avdakov, Gregory Ohler, John Schultz, and Serge Daniels. 


Secretarial Report:  

            Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed electronically prior to this meeting.  There were no corrections or additions. 


Financial Report: 

            Presented by Gregory Avdakov:  An Executive Summary was distributed for Jan/March 2015 (copy filed).  A recap of the investment income was provided (copy filed).  Budget figures are on target for the year.  Budget Committee meeting will be August 11 at 1:00 p.m.  Motion to accept the reports made by Serge Daniels; seconded by Deacon Seraphim.


Correspondence:  None received.


Report of the Ruling Bishop:  (Copy filed.)

            His Eminence:

  • summarized parish visitations;
  • attended 100th anniversary of Holy Resurrection, West Brownsville;
  • reported the Long Range Planning Committee has met two times.  His Eminence explained that a Church was not being planned for the property;
  • reported that the Catechetical program continues.  His Eminence has been teaching this semester.  There are currently three students enrolled in the DVP from the Archdiocese (Diaconal Late Vocations);
  • reported on plans for the Small Parish Conference.  Good attendance is expected; however, local registration numbers are not satisfying.  His Eminence is directing that all parishes with census figures under 50 are to be represented.
  • will attend the Holy Synod Retreat, June 9-11, at Dormition Monastery in Michigan;
  • reported on plans for an upcoming Iconography Conference in October.  A three-day program is envisioned;
  • is planning 40 Liturgies during the Nativity Fast, as was done during the Apostles’ Fast in past years.


Archdiocesan Council Meeting

May 26, 2015

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Chancellor’s Report:

            Father Chancellor:

  • reported that Mrs. Sivak (Secretary and Office Manager) had complications from surgery and returned in late April.  She is still working only 2-3 days per week;
  • attended 100th anniversary of Holy Resurrection, West Brownsville;
  • reported Metropolitan Theodosius was hospitalized.  He is now in a convalescent facility near Canonsburg;
  • reported Fr. John Sidor is not serving.  He is still recovering;
  • reported Fr. George Yatsko’s health is not stable.  He has asked to be released from Archdiocesan Council and committees;
  • announced Family Day is August 16;
  • reminded that the All American Council deadlines in July are approaching;
  • announced that receptions are being planned for clergy and matushki in the Fall;
  • reported that Leader’s Day will be held October 3rd in Black Lick.

Youth Committee:

Report was submitted by Fr. Daniel Mathewson.  The Committee met on March 28, 2015. (Copy filed.)


Building and Grounds: 

Deacon Seraphim Truckley summarized his report.  Council commended Deacon Seraphim for his good work.  (Copy filed.)


Pittsburgh FOCA: 

            Mrs. Danielle Ilchuk submitted a report.  (Copy filed.)


Parish Development Program: 

            See Chancellor’s report.  Also, met with Ambridge parish and Lyndora parish.           


Food Pantry: 

Igumen Patrick reported that 100+ patrons are served per week.  His Eminence inquired if other locations could be established.  He was told that it require many volunteers and good coordinators.


Long Range Planning Committee:

A status sheet and summary of the work was submitted.  The Chancellor explained the functions of the Committee, the purpose of which is to perform basic long-term planning in order to provide a framework for making effective decisions regarding the Peters Road/Cranberry property.  (Copy filed.)



Archdiocesan Council Meeting

May 26, 2015

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OCA Pastoral Life:

“Colloquium”:  Fr. Nikolai Breckenridge submitted a written report, which summarized the sessions.  (Copy filed.)


Old/Unfinished Business:

  • Reed Street (former Saint Michael Cathedral) Property:  Fr. Chancellor reported sale of property is “on track”.  The purchasing corporation is working with the city to complete its requirements for the purchase of the property, structural analysis, asbestos, etc.  Closing is expected in September.
  • Holy Spirit Chapel Loan (Snyder County):  Deacon Alexander Cadman distributed a report on the building project.  Ground-breaking is scheduled for June 28.  (Copy filed.)
  • Anniversary of the Archdiocese:   Committee formed:  Fr. Senyo, Deacon Cadman and Rebecca Danchenko.


New Business:

  • Metropolitan Council:  Gregg Nescott noted that no lawyers will be on the Metropolitan Council.  He recommended Angelo Parks for the position.


Next Meeting:  Meeting schedule:  August 24, 6:30 PM; November 4 (Archdiocesan Assembly).


There being no further business before the Council, meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Archpriest Michael Senyo, Secretary



Approved for distribution:


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Archbishop Melchisedek                                Archpriest William Evansky