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Every parish has challenges. To encourage parishes to meet those challenges head on the Parish Development Ministry has begun a new Parish Revitalization Initative for 2019-2020. This initative -- Shine! Shine! Grow. Share. Welcome , is designed to stimulate and reinforce growth attitudes and Christ-centered action within parishes.

With this program we are encouraging all parishes to identify and undertake an initiative to strengthen their parish with purposeful, intentional effort. We ask that each parish examine their parish life the areas of:

Growing in Faith: education, service, worship, and community building
Sharing our Faith: proclaiming Christ to the world with words and deeds, and effectively communicating our parish life and identity.
Welcoming Others: showing hospitality to visitors and strangers.

How to participate in Shine! Shine!

Follow these steps to become involved in the Shine! Shine! Initiative:

1. Organization and Decision Making

  • Talk to your pastor, parish council members, or other leaders about the new initiative.
  • Review our FAQ for basic information.
  • Read this recent Light of Orthodoxy article.
  • Use these discussion questions to further your discussion.
  • Make a decision to participate in the new initiative.
  • Identify one person to act as the contact for the Parish Development Committee.

2. Identify one or more Projects to complete using any or all of the following approaches:

  • Complete the Parish Inventory Model as a parish or parishcouncil. Usethe results to identify a project.
  • Refer to our list of Project ideas or create a new one that isn't listed.
  • Make a list of important qualities and values your parish wants to develop, considering the needs of modern people. Which of these seem most important?
  • Review existing parish ministries and whether they are still valuable and effective to the mission of the parish.
  • Contact the Parish Development Committee for assistance in choosing projects.

3. Discuss how you will proceed with this project. (Who/What/When etc.) then sign up here by filling out this online form.

4. Present the initiative to your parish.

  • Use our advertisement to insert in your bulletin, make copies to hand out, or send via email.
  • Discuss the program with parishioners to get ideas, support, and answer questions.

5. Someone from the Parish Development Committee will contact you to explore next steps and provide assistance.