Archdiocese of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania
Orthodox Church in America
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His Eminence, Archbishop MELCHISEDEK (Pleska)

Archishop of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

Archpriest William J. Evansky

Archdiocesan Chancellor and Dean, Northwest Deanery

Archpriest Michael Senyo

Archdiocesan Council Secretary and Cathedral Dean

Ms Alexis Parshook

Archdiocesan Council Treasurer

Archpriest Mark Meholick

Dean, Eastern Deanery

Archpriest Thomas M. Soroka

Associate Dean, Northwest Deanery

Fr Andrew P. Nelko

Dean, Southwest Deanery

Fr Nikolai Breckenridge

Metropolitan Council Clergy Representative

Mrs Rebecca Danchenko

At-Large Laity

Mr Serge Daniels
Archpriest George Johnson

At-Large Clergy

Mr Gregory Nescott, Esq

Archdiocesan Council Consultant

Mr Gregory Ohler

Southwest Deanery Lay Representative

Mr Gregory Sidorick

Eastern Deanergy Lay Representative

Mr Ray Steeb

Metropolitan Council Laity Representative

Subdeacon Nicholas York