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Minutes and Reports

Archdiocesan Council Meeting-June 30,2014

There are several reports which document the administration of the Archdiocese.  The Diocesan Assembly meets annually and minutes of the sessions are recorded.  The Diocesan Council meets between the Assemblies (at least quarterly) and the Secretary submits minutes of those meetings for approval at the next session.  Additionally, the Treasurer produces regular reports of financial progress against the annual budget approved at the Assembly.

 Archdiocesan Council Meeting-June 30,2014


Diocese of Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania


            A meeting of the Archdiocesan Council took place at the Archdiocesan Center (Cranberry Twp., PA) on June 30, 2014.  Archbishop Melchisedek called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


            The following were present:  Archbishop Melchisedek, Chancellor Archpriest William Evansky; Archpriests: Michael Senyo, Secretary; Dragan Filipovic; Mark Meholick, Joseph Wargo, George Yatsko, George York, Igumen Patrick (Carpenter); John Kopcha; Joseph Oleynik; Priests: Gregory Thompson, Nikolai Breckenridge, Deacons: Alexander Cadman, Seraphim Truckley.  From the laity:  Gregg Nescott, Justin Nescott, Rebecca Danchenko, Gregory Avdakov, Dr. John Schultz, and Serge Daniels. 


Secretarial Report:  

            Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed electronically prior to this meeting.  There were no corrections or additions. 


Financial Report:  (Copy filed.)

            Gregory Avdakov gave an update on the investment funds:  FNB: $734,108.52 and BPU: $742,264.37. A gain through investment earnings was reported at $48,440.00 to present date.


Correspondence:  None received.


Report of the Ruling Bishop:  (Copy filed.)

            His Eminence:           

  • reviewed travels and visitations;
  • met with Strategic Planning Committee regarding Diocesan properties;
  • attended Synod meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;
  • will be attending the Small Parishes Conference in Byesville, Ohio.

Chancellor’s Report:

            Father Chancellor:

  • reported that the Hierarch’s schedule has been set through September;
  • announced that three clergy seminars/retreats are being planned;
  • announced the Nativity Fast Retreat, November 8, for the members of the Archdiocese;
  • reported on the local participation for the upcoming FOCA convention.

Metropolitan Council:  Has not met.


Building and Grounds:  (Copy filed.)

Deacon Seraphim Truckley reported that both tractors have repair issues.  Igumen Patrick moved to purchase a new grass cutter.  Second by Priest Gregory Thompson.  Motion passed.

Roof replacement for residence: Three bids were received to replace the roof on the Hierarch’s residence (bids filed).  Deacon Seraphim recommended that the Council act on the bid offered by J. Scott Roofing of Butler, PA, for $16,500.00.  Archpriest Michael Senyo moved to accept.  Second by Serge Daniels.  Motion passed.


Youth Committee:   (Copy filed.)

Priest Daniel Mathewson is the new Spiritual Advisor.  Planned events were presented and reviewed.


Archdiocesan Council Meeting

June 30, 2014

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Pittsburgh FOCA: (Copy filed.)

            Danielle Ilchuk, FOCA District Governor, submitted a written report concerning the plans for the national convention being held in Gettysburg, PA.  The Pittsburgh District is sponsoring this year’s convention.  Participation of all parishes is encouraged.


Parish Development:  (Copy filed.)

            An electronic report was submitted by Joseph Kormos.  Mr. Kormos’ report included an update on activities with Mon-Valley communities and on the Small Parish Forum.


Food Pantry:  Igumen Patrick reported approximately 130 families are being served each week.


Long Range Planning Committee:

            Priest Nikolai Breckenridge reported that the purpose of this newly established committee was two-fold: 1. To focus on future Diocesan mission and vision for the future; and 2. How the property and its use can be purposed to fulfill and complete this vision/mission.


Diocesan Funding Committee:  Priest Gregory Thompson reported that a letter is being drafted and upon Hierarchal approval, will be sent to parish councils.  The letter informs the councils that the OCA intends to move away from assessments (per capita assessments) in order to implement a program of tithing and “proportional giving” throughout the local Church.


Old/Unfinished Business:

  • Reed Street (former Saint Michael Cathedral) Property:  Father Chancellor reported that the sale of this property is in its final stages.  Father anticipates the sale to be complete by the end of August.


  • Holy Spirit Chapel Loan:  Following a discussion of the concerns presented by the Holy Trinity parish in State College, the Council remains steadfast in its offer to fund a loan to the Holy Spirit Chapel.  Moved by Igumen Patrick.  Second by Dr. John Schultz. Motion passed.


  • By Laws:   Gregg Nescott presented a draft of proposed by-laws for review.  Igumen Patrick stated an objection to this presentation, as Mr. Nescott had not worked in consultation with the appointed By Laws Committee.  Following discussion, His Eminence blessed the review of these proposals to proceed.  Suggested amendments were noted His Eminence stated that the amendments would be reviewed by the entire committee before being presented for approval.


Next Meeting:  Monday, September 22 at 6:30 PM.

There being no further business before the Council, meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Archpriest Michael Senyo, Secretary


Approved for distribution:


__________________________________                ________________________________

Archbishop Melchisedek                              




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